About Us

On a trip to California for Love and Unity, inspired by the ducks life of Malibu Lake, which represent the love and unity between them, the idea came for designing high-end product with the duck icon called "Batta" that makes you feel good every day.

Our Products are designed carefully to meet your expectations with high quality details and fabric finish. 

We are donating 15Dhs with love from every purchase to charity organisations to feed and dress people in need around the world.


We are happy and proud to partner with Al Jalila Foundation for helping children with cancer. The "HOPE" campaign has been launched to support this cause. 15 Dhs from every purchase using the code "HOPE" will be given to Al Jalila Foundation.  

This campaign is licensed by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department(IACAD). License No: PRHCE-002204493

We thank you for your visit and hope you will join us with our mission to spread love and unity movement.